– Back! Sorry for the delay. I hadn’t planned on missing almost a full week of strips. My hope is to have three strips this week, but we’ll see how that goes. I’ll almost certainly miss next Monday strip though, since I’ll be gone all weekend at Sakuracon. Speaking of…

– Come see me at Sakuracon this weekend. I’ll be at the Cel*Style booth (SP04) all weekend long. You can meet myself, Ben Hsu of Dubious Company and my brother Nick! We’ll be selling Modest Medusa stuff as well as a special play test version of the Magical Land of Yeld rpg. You can get the test booklet  for just $5, or for free if you come down to the tabletop game room to play the game! We’ll be running games all weekend, so please come by!

– If you’re planning on being at Sakuracon (or just in Seattle) Ben Hsu and I would like to invite you to join us for dinner on Saturday the 30th at Obasan,one of our favorite places to eat in Seattle! Meet us at 7:30 and hang out till the restaurant closes! Please post here if you plan on joining us.

-My friend Jaymz did this awesome Medusa for me while I was feeling crappy next week. Please check out her awesome superhero comic Willem!

Medusa by Jaymz