UPDATE!!! Looks like Modest Medusa didn’t make it into the 4th round of the ComicMix March Madness contest after all, despite winning by more than 20 votes. The contest allowed for paid votes (5 for $1) and apparently someone on the other side bought enough to push them over. I totally don’t mind loosing to Bittersweet Candy Bowl. It’s a great comic, and we had a great contest! More people votes on our contest than any other! I’m a little put off that in the end voting didn’t matter much at all, and it really came down to which readers wanted to spend the most money. In a contest where voting is the primary way to interact, I don’t think a secondary mechanism of vote purchasing should really be the deciding factor. I spent the last week campaigning for Modest Medusa, and you guys really stepped up. I appreciate that! Really. I appreciate it so much! It’s disappointing to know that it didn’t really make much of a difference, and someone could have just spent $20 at the last minute to get the same result.

Anyway, the experience was far from a waste. We have a lot of new readers! But next year I hope ComicMix either does away with paid votes or decided to just make the whole contest a fund raiser and eliminate votes entirely.  The way it works this year, where you vote for you favorite comic and then someone else spends $1 to get 10 votes… that’s just not working.

(Here my original post) Thanks for voting in the Comicmix march Madness contest. Last week we had an amazing face off against Bittersweet Candy Bowl. That match was crazy, with more votes than any of the other matches in the contest! Comicmix won’t be posting the winners and new match pairings until later today (Monday), so even though we got a few more votes we won’t be sure if we won for a few more hours (since paid votes are counted later). Either way, thanks a lot for voting and getting Modest Medusa this far!

If we did win the match we’ll be up against Cucumber Quest in the next round. This is another great comic with super loyal fans, so beating them won’t be easy. The match should last from Monday till Weds, and you should be able to vote each day. Please do, and ask your friends to vote as well! Assuming we actually made it to the next round, I think we can beat Cucumber Quest if we try hard! I’ll be posting the voting link as soon as it’s up.

– I’ll be at Sakuracon 29th-31st at the Cel*Style booth (SP04?). I’ll have all kinds of cool Medusa stuff, so please come by and say hi!

– Kickstarter shipping has slowed to a halt while I wait for more shipping supplies and some of the higher end rewards to arrive in the mail. I should take the time to take care of some of the rewards that involve producing art, but I haven’t felt up to it this last two weeks. Anyway, it’s going slow, and i apologize for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a chunk of packages out before Sakuracon and the rest out after.