Thanks everyone who came out and say Ben, Anthony and I at Orycon, or took a chance on Modest Medusa for the first time by buying a t-shirt or picking up a con book. The con was low key and the dealers room was (I hate to say this) totally dead, but everyone we met was really nice, and the con staff was great.

A Modest Medusa board game? Not quite. my friend Tyler Tinsely is doing a Kickstarter for his range of amazing papercraft games and toys. You may remember Tyler’s last Kickstarter project, the excellent paper craft Mouse Warrior toy. This new line of toys and games is justa s cool. Anyway, as a special incentive one of these games, Bluffing Style Chess, will feature special Medusa and Jake game pieces if the Kickstarter reaches $1000.  I’m a big fan of Tyler’s games and toys and Bluffing Style Chess is a lot of fun. For just a $10 donation you can get your own copy, and if teh Kickstarter reaches $1000 you’ll also get the special Modest Medusa game pieces! Pretty cool! Contribute here!

Occupy Portland, and other protests around the country… well, you’ve seen what’s happening, right? Speak out. Spread the word. Don’t let this go ignored.

Drunk Duck Awards. I was surprised and pretty excited to find out that I’d won a Drunk Duck Award for “Most Promising Newcomer”. Modest Medusa got it’s start over at Drunk Duck back in Febuary, and that’s where it found it’s audience and really took off. I really appreciate this award from the DD community. Thanks. Check out this link to see Paul Eberhardt’s awesome presentation comic, and please make sure to check out the comics of runners up Ayesinback,  Gunwallace and Lizinverse. Also, check out the special Modest Medusa strip I did for the “Most Helpful User” award!