Hey everyone. I’m looking for conventions to go to next year. If you have a favorite con that you’d like me to come to, especially one that’s in driving distance of Oregon, let me know and i’ll see if I can get a table. Even better, if you know a con that would like to have me (and all my free Chocodiles) as a guest please let me know!

Speaking of, I’ll be at Orycon in Portland Oregon all this weekend, sharing a booth with Ben Hsu of Dubious Company. Come get some of those free Chocodiles, buy a t-shirt or get a con book and a sketch!

Also, I’m still asking for TWC votes. We’re holding the #10 spot, but I’m still got my eye on #5. As an incentive… I’m working on some new wallpapers for next week. One new and one old. You won’t need to vote to see them, I plan on sharing them anyway. I know that’s not how incentives are supposed to work, but what the hell.