– I’m mostly feeling better now. Thanks everyone!

– The Modest Medusa Black Friday sale starts today and runs Monday morning. Get the hardcover Modest Medusa Season 1 and 2 books for the great price of just $25! That’s a $9 savings! What a great gift! Check out the sale here.

Black Friday


– The next Modest Medusa live draw event will be this Saturday at 5pm (Portland time). Come hang out, chat and watch me draw some stuff. Here’s the link. Doing a monthly live draw was one of my Patreon goals. Patreon is keeping me alive right now, and I truly appreciate the support. I had a long conversation about Patreon with a few other artists tonight, and I think one of the things we agreed on was that very often the people who back us for a few dollars every month don’t realize how much that support means to us. It means everything. Thank you all so much.

– I feel like I had something else to talk about, but I can’t remember what it was.