Here’s the last of the  guest comics from the Season 1 Kickstarter. These were a lot of fun to do, but also a HUGE amount of work. The original idea was that  people who contributed X amount to the Kickstarter would get a walk on role in the comic. I had envisioned this as appearing in one or two panels, or maybe having a full strip devoted to the guest character, but that all changed when I did the first one. Will Benedetti ended up appearing in 3 strips, along with his weird, mute kangaroo. After that I felt like the bar had been raised. Some characters, like Michelle Ho and Pawel Goj only appeared in one or two strips, while others like Fiona Kathleen Marley ended up showing up a whole bunch of times.  Justin R accidentally became an important character when I realized that I needed one of the bad guys to talk in the “The Kingdom Strikes Back” arc. And then there was Urano. I had planned on introducing the huge, armored Oathbreaker for awhile, but when it came time to take off his helmet I decided to randomly choose one of the Kickstarter backers to play him. Luckily Mike Urano had a great last name!

Anyway, the problem was that I just hadn’t expected to have 11 guest stars, and working that many people into the story became a little awkward. We;ll be doing this again for the next Kickstarter, of course, but I’ve decided that we’ll limit the number of guest appearances to 5. This will let me still give each person a bit of attention without bogging down the story!

Anyway, the plan is to get the Kickstarter going before the 24th.