Strip 200! The end of Season 2! Holy crap! Thanks for sticking around for so long! Okay, here’s the news:

– Season 3 starts June 4th! Why so long? I’d like to say I’ll be on vacation (I need one sooooo bad), but I’ll actually be hard at work getting AHEAD on Season 3, putting together the Season 2 book kickstarter, working on The Magical Land of Yeld and going to VanCAF. So no vacation for me!

– Just because I’m on vacation till the 4th (I’m not) doesn’t mean we won’t be doing updates every Mon, Weds and Fri until then! All this month I’ll be running special guest strips, new art and a special non-cannon Modest Medusa story I came up with just for this break. So plenty of new stuff. Please don’t go away!

–  New t-shirt! The main image from this strip is available as a t-shirt! Just $15 at the Celstyle store!

– The Kickstarter for Modest Medusa Season 2 will be starting later this month. I’ve got some neat stuff planned. I think you guys are going to dig it!

– If there are still ANY of you who haven’t gotten your Season 1 book from the Kickstarter, please let me know. There’s still a few of you that I just never heard back from, and a few of you whose packages ended up coming back to me. So if you didn’t get it, please send me an email.

– Of course, you can still get

– Oh, you should check out Super Frat. It’s pretty great!