Hi everyone. My newest Kickstarter is nearly funded, and I could use your support to push it over the edge! The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters is a complete starter box set for the Yeld RPG, for 3-5 players. I hope you’ll check out the project and support it if you can! Here’s the link.

Nick and I will be hosting a live Q & A on the Yeld Discord tonight (Friday, February 26th at 6pm PST). We’ll be talking about Mermaid Hunters, next month’s Soul Thief Job Guide and our upcoming 2nd Core Book. Come by and ask questions about the future of Yeld!

This month’s Patreon sticker of the month celebrates 10 years of Modest Medusa! Join the Modest Medusa Patreon to get your own stickers!