– So I had a family emergency this weekend. My grandmother had been hospitalized and the doctors told us that she very likely wouldn’t recover and that she probably only had  a few days to live. I was in Seattle for Geek Girl Con when my sister Katie contacted me, so I took the bus back to Portland as soon as I could. It’s been a stressful few days, but today we got some good and unexpected news. My grandmother is responding to medication, and now it seems like there’s a good chance she’ll survive and recover. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but we were all able to take a deep breath and actually have some hope.

I had a weird moment when I realized that I had never put my grandmother in the comic and that Modest hadn’t had a chance to meet her, and now might never meet her. Then I remembered that Modest isn’t real and thats a weird thing to think. It’s been a tired and stressful week. Anyway, I’m back in the studio tonight and working. Today’s update is silent and focused on travel, because thats the mood I’m in. I’m also coloring some new Ghost Kiss pages tonight. You can expect a new Ghost Kiss episode later this month.

– Speaking of Ghost Kiss, the next issue of Combine will also be released this month. Combine has a brand new 80+ page square bound format and now features 4 ongoing sci-fi stories, Ghost Kiss, Shutter Valley Record, Devil Spy and the all new The Last Cowboy! You can subscribe to Combine for just $10/issue(+ shipping) right here. It’s a great deal on a great magazine and I think you’ll really dig it if you try it!

– Here’s a neat announcement! I’m working with Chris Rosewood to produce a series of narrated Modest Medusa comic videos. Each video will basically be the comic plus voice acting and sound effects. We’re holding auditions for voice actors (no experience needed), so if you’d like to voice a Modest Medusa character you can check it out here!