– Finally back to normal! Well, almost. This has been a long 3 weeks. Taxes, a broken computer, a broken phone, a big convention, a new computer, some unexpected new projects (which I’ll tell you about soon). Its been a lot! Even now that I have the new computer set up I’m still struggling. Downloading and installing drivers, searching for lost fonts, trying to remember Photoshop settings, passwords and bookmarks. Trying to figure out why my old hard drive won’t work with my new computer. But I’m getting there! I feel like I’m finally getting back to work!

– but the new computer is great! It doesn’t make any noise at all and has a glowing blue light. More importantly, all the problems I’ve been dealing with the last 6 years have suddenly just vanished! My cintiq works better, photoshop runs without hitch, my files save and open faster and the computer doesn’t throw a fit every time I try to do two things at once. Several of you sent donations or bought our Bundle of Holding, and the direct result is that I was able to buy a computer which I’m hoping will last for years (and I have enough left over to purchase a new drawing tablet son). Thank you all so much. You’ve improved my life and ability to work in a significant way, and I really appreciate it! I’ll be doing a bonus comic about my new computer soon to show you all what I ended up with.

– Nick and I will be at the Meadowlark Comiccon in Medford, OR on Saturday May 11th. if you live in Southern Oregon please check it out! We’ll have a table full of Modest Medusa stuff and we’ll be running a game of Yeld starting at noon! We’re also actively arranging to attend the Salt Lake gaming Con in late June. I’ll have more news about that once we work everything out. If you have a comic or gaming con near you that you’d like me to attend, please let me know!