– We’re getting close to the end, I swear!

– Theres a brand new Modest Medusa facebook page. This is the official page for Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss, and replaces my previous personal page (which I won’t be using anymore).

– Oh, I’ll be at ChibiChibiCon at Evergreen Collage this weekend. So if you plan on attending please come find me!

– OMG, the last 24 hours has been a nightmare. The reason there was no update on Monday (not even everyone’s favorite “Late Again?” Medusa) was that I came into work t find my computer absolutely dead. I thought it was a complete loss, but it looks like the hard drive is fine. Anyway, I had no way to complete the comic (it still needed to be lettered) or post it, or even post an update here saying it would be late.

I panicked, both because i have a lot of work to do right now and also because I absolutely couldn’t afford to replace my computer. I was able to post to Patreon and Facebook on my awful phone explaining the situation, but I was pretty distressed and not sure what to do. Luckily some friends came through for me. One is letting me borrow a laptop this week while another is putting together a PC that I can use until I’m able to purchase something new. So thats a huge relief!

Many of you know that I’ve been having computer issues for years. The PC I use is as old as this comic (so about 8 years) and has been repaired and upgraded several times. But its been on its last legs for about 3 years. I really need to upgrade, but I’ve never been in a good position to do that. Getting something new will be a goal for later this year I guess. Hopefully I’ll be able to save up some money over the next few months!

Anyway, the crisis has been narrowly averted, and the only real casualty is my stress level (which is insane, btw. Hopefully I’ll feel better after I file my taxes next week).