– Happy new year everyone! This week mark’s Modest Medusa’s 8th anniversary. It seems like a lifetime, but it also seems like just yesterday. Thank you all so much for your time, support and enthusiasm!

– If you’re looking for some cool Modest Medusa art at a great deal, the Modest Medusa original art sale is still going. I have hundreds of pages available for sale. Check out the info page here to find out how to get yours. All funds from this sale go toward helping me ship Yeld books to kickstarter backers.

– Speaking of which, I’m running a gofundme to help raise money to get those Yeld books to the very patient Kickstarter backers that have been waiting for them. In return for a small donation I’m offering a digital version of the brand new Yeld game expansion Town’s & Territories. For a larger donation you can get a piece of original Yeld art from the book. You can check out the gofundme here. If you don’t have the Yeld game book yet you can get the digital version here (and the expansion as well). The physical version will also be available for sale later this month.