Hi everyone. Its time for the annual Holiday Modest Medusa sale! This year all of the proceeds for this sale go toward my shipping fund to get Yeld books to kickstarter backers! Thanks for your help and support!
Check out the online store here to see all of the deals!

(If you’re an international customer contact me for ordering information)

This year I’m offering  a selection of Modest Medusa goods, including:

– The brand new Season 4 book!

– The new Modest Medusa enamel pin!

– New prints and stickers!

– A special 3 book bundle containing MM seasons 1-3!

– Plush Modest Medusa pillows and Chainsaw Unicorn scarfs designed by Lilineko!

– A special 50% off deal on back issues of Combine!

– A selection of original marker illustrations!

– My ongoing $6 original Modest medusa page sale!

– Some of my classic tabletop games!

–  And more!