– Sometimes I stare at a strip for hours trying to figure out the last panel, and then I realize that the 3rd panel IS the last panel.

– I’d like to tell you about Ko-fi. Ko-fi is a service that allows you to give me tips equal to the cost of a cup of coffee (which I guess is $3). You just visit the page and click the button and you’ve given me a one time tip. You can do this as often as you like, just once or never. As far as I can tell the site takes no fee, although because its run through paypal there is a small fee there.

So why am I telling you about this? Last month after Patreon announced (and then eventually retracted) it’s changes to its fees I had a long discussion with several of you about why Patreon is important to what I do, how much I appreciate your support and why some of you need other options. Many of you don’t like using Patreon, but have told me that you’re interested in supporting my work in other ways. Several of you asked me to start a Ko-fi page. So I am. Here it is.

Ko-fi isn’t a replacement for my Patreon, and if you are currently a patron I hope you’ll continue. But I know some of you are looking for a different way to support my work and this may be a better option for you. For those of you who like my comics and want to just do a simple tip every now and then this is probably the easiest option.  I do appreciate your support so much, no matter what form it comes in!

I’ll be adding a permanent Ko-fi link to this page later this week. In the meantime if you’d like to give a tip just click this link. And if you don’t want to give a tip, thats fine too. The comic is still free to read. Enjoy!

– This week I have some new original Modest Medusa art available for sale in my store (right here). These illustrations are one of a kind, available on a first come, first serve basis and will remain on the store until sold. I’ll be making new illustrations available every week or two, so make sure to check back and see whats there!