– Today is the last day for The Magical Land of Yeld Kickstarter (it ends at 6pm PST). The project has been incredibly successful, and is currently over 250% funded with 520+ backers. I’m blown away. Nick and I thought this would be an uphill battle and that we MIGHT get funded on the final day, so it’s been amazing to see how many of you have been really supportive and enthusiastic. Thanks so much! We’ve met all of our stretch goals so far, and our final open ended stretch goal was to produce a short piece of Yeld animation. Our hope is to produce something like a Yeld movie trailer that can be used as both a  promotional tool for the game and a pitch for future projects (maybe a Modest medusa project). A good portion of everything we’ve generated past 26K will go toward that animation goal, and right now we’re at 32K with half a day to go, so we may end up having a  pretty okay budget! I’m excited! If you’d like to help us fund this or get a copy of the Yeld book please check out the Kickstarter here.

Meanwhile, here’s some new art!

Monster gang

A bunch of Fairy soldiers.

Red magic Money Punch

Deb the purple Mermaid, no longer a statue!

The Prince

The Prince.

White Magic Horde of Sheep

So many sheep!