– These left hand drawings aren’t canon. Comic Jake doesn’t draw a Modest Medusa comic. I actually considered that at one point! I think this is probably the last left hand comic. My arm is doing pretty well. I’m not fully healed and according to my physical therapist I won’t be for a few months (!), but they’re encouraging me to work as normal as much as I can. This weekend I’ve been able to work for a few hours at a time without much pain so I think I’ll be returning to regular Modest medusa strips this week!

– If you live in Portland come see me at the Better Together Art Market next Saturday (August 20th) from 10-6pm! I’ll be selling original art, stickers and other odds and ends Medusa stuff.

– Hi everyone. I’d like to mention that you can support my work on Patreon or Ko-fi (or by ordering stuff from my store). I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that I don’t make much. Since the pandemic money has been especially tight, and I’ve had to spend more and more time on freelance work and commissions to pay the bills. Which means less time making comics and art for you all to enjoy. Recently things have improved a little due to several very generous readers, but I could still use your support. If you can spare a small monthly contribution through Patreon or a tip through Ko-fi I’d really appreciate. Your support directly help finance both my comics work and pay my living expenses!