– The end of Season 4! Way back around strip 20 when I first realized that I was going to stick with Modest Medusa, I had imagined this as the end of the series. Things changed, and I decided that I still have more Medusa stories to tell. More Marah stories too. So I think this is more like the end of the first half of Modest Medusa.

– I’m taking a break before I start Season 5, which will be early next year. In the meantime I’ll be posting guest comics, vacation comics (that’s what I call teh comics I do in between seasons), some “Ask Medusa” and more. So please check back! I wish I could say I was actually taking a break, but I’ll be working on coloring Barry Deutsch’s 3rd Hereville book (due out next year!). I’m also really hoping to do a new Ghost Kiss story. I’m working on a script, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to draw it. We’ll see.

– Don’t hold your breath for the Season 4 Kickstarter. It won’t happen any time soon. I’m still working to get the Season 3 books delivered to my backers, and probably will be for awhile. There’s no hurry though. The Season 4 book will happen when it happens, and in the meantime I’ll have Season 3 books to sell you when I see you at conventions next year!

– Speaking of conventions, I’ll be heading to Toronto in May for TCAF (The Toronto Comics Art Festival). I’ve never done a show in Canada, so I’m super excited!

– And speaking of Patreon (we weren’t, but…) I spent some time on Facebook and Google+ this week talking about this article about creative sustainability. I think Patreon is important (not just for me, but as a concept). If you’re interested, please check it out. And of course, you can check out my Patreon here. I appreciate any support, and I’m absolutely humbled by the support you guys have shown me this year! Thanks so much!

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– Oh, also! My newest art auction ends on Saturday. It’s doesn’t feature Medusa, but maybe that Fairy who fell of the wall and became a pirate was your favorite character? Anyway, you can check out the auction here.

Fairy 2