– Sorry to keep you all waiting again. Its strange how quarantine during this epidemic has distorted my sense of time. I’m very used to not having a regular schedule, and getting up at 6am one week and 6pm the next. Part of that is having to work around the schedules of normal people and businesses that are open at normal times. I may work all night, but my bank and doctor is only open 9-5. But these days a lot of people, businesses and institutions have given up normal hours, and suddenly I’m  scheduling video calls at 4am or  waiting to talk to a printer on the phone at 11pm or some ridiculous thing like that. Its thrown my whole non-routine out of balance, and I’ve found myself losing days. for example, last Friday I was sure it was Thursday, and all weekend I was 1 day off.. I spent all of Yesterday working on a  new Ghost Kiss story (for real) before realizing it was Sunday and I should have been working on a Medusa page!

– I think this is the first time the Arsenal of Winter has been explicitly referenced in Modest Medusa? You can find out a little more about it in Ghost Kiss and the Yeld RPG.