– I’m trying something new! Starting today, I’ll be offering new Modest Medusa t-shirts every month! Way back in the day I used to sell Medusa shirts, but they were just too expensive to keep in stock and I didn’t make much money on them anyway. Over the last few years I’ve had a few companies make me offers to produce shirts, but they were never good deals. And then here came Tom Churchill! Tom is a regular Modest Medusa reader and makes his own shirts. He’ll be producing and shipping the shirts, and we’ll be splitting the money. Thats good for me and good for Tom. Plus, I’m happy to be in business with one of my readers!

So here’ s how it works. Each month we’ll offer a new shirt design at the beginning of the month (this month we’re a little late). The shirt will be available for order until the end of the month. At the end of the month Tom will print all the shirts (it’s cheaper and easier to do all at once) and ship them out. Nice and easy!

We’ll be doing a new shirt each month. This month is the Season 2 shirt, based on art I produced a few years ago. Thh shirt features Medusa, Marah, Urano and Jake and is available in blue or white shirts in both women’s and men’s styles for just $20 (+ shipping). Sizes range for Small to 5xl. You can order the shirt on Tom’s Etsy shop until the 31st of this month! We’ll have a new design next month.

Modest Medusa Season 2 shirt il_570xN.973094614_3ism

Also, there’s a new episode of Ghost Kiss! (Rated PG 13)

GK3 00