– The Modest Medusa Season 3 Kickstarter ends on Saturday evening. We’re at the tail end of it, but let me go ahead and walk through all the options for those of you who are still thinking about pledging or might want to upgrade your pledge. And if you haven’t watched the video please give it a look. I think it turned out cute, even if it was a rush job!

– The book will include the entire 175 page Season 3 story, plus a new 10 page story, author commentary and a sketchbook section. In addition to this we’ve also unlocked 12 pages of bonus comics through stretch goals, and there’s a good chance that by the time the Kickstarter ends we’ll have another 3 or 6 pages. So the book will be at least 200 pages, and likely longer! Each book is signed and comes with an original sketch!

– There’s lots of great rewards available in addition to the book. You can get a poster, a Medusa tote bag, a lunchbox, a hand made plush Medusa pillow and original art! Each pledge of $5 or more also comes with 4 stickers, including a special Medusa/Pacific Rim sticker that I haven’t finished the art for yet. Here’s images for all the other stuff so you can see what it looks like:

Medusa Tote small


Lunchbox sample

Season 3 poster small


Season 3 stickers


pillow pic

Special sticker! I made a special Medusa as Nausicaa sticker that all international backers will get for free to help make up for high shipping costs. I’m also giving the sticker to every person who pledges to the Kickstarter and backs my Patreon campaign! Check out my Patreon page here.

Nausicaa sticker

– Original art! All the Guest Appearance slots are gone, but there’s still plenty of original art rewards available. For $200 you’ll get the book and some other cool stuff plus an original hand colored 9 x 12 illustration of your favorite Modest Medusa character! If you’re looking to pledge big this is the way to go!

Kick 3 illustration sample

– Book Bundles! I’m you don’t have the first two Modest Medusa books yet now is a great time to get them! The “Double Pack” Reward lets you choose any two Modest Medusa books, while the “Triple Pack” Rewards will get you all three books! These will be signed with an original sketch. You can also add Season 1 and 2 books to any pledge for $17 each (or $23 each if you live outside the U.S.).

– Dice! My friends at Tinderbox Entertainment have created some amazing Modest Medusa dice! You can add dice to any pledge for just $2 each. Here’s what they look like:

MM Die 1 Full

MM Dice 2 & 3

– Special team ups! I share studio space with Ben Hsu, Jaymz Bernard and Barry Deutsch. Ben and our friend Elaine are currently doing a Kickstarter for their comic Licensed Heroes. Elaine and I decided to team up to draw a special print featuring characters from both of our comics. Elaine drew it and I colored it. The only way to get this print is to pledge $25 to both the Modest Medusa and Licensed Heroes Kickstarters. That’ll get you both books, and we’ll include the signed print as a bonus! Here’s what it looks like:

MM_LH_crossover small


Jaymz is running a Kickstarter for her romance comic Split Screen so we decided to do the same thing. Jaymz and I both drew and colored our own characters, and Barry jumped in to draw his Hereville characters as well as Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender (because he’s been watching the series recently). It turned out pretty cool! You’ll get this print if you pledge $25 to both the Split Screen and Modest Medusa Kickstarters. That’ll get you both books as well as the signed print.

So to get both prints all you have to do is pledge $25 to all three Kickstarters!


– Stretch Goals! We still have lots of stretch goals to meet! at $17,000, $18,000 and $19,000 we’ll unlock new 3 page strips for the book featuring Medusa’s sisters, the Pirates and Chocodiles! At $20,000 I’ll do an extra 10 page story for the book. That’s tons of extra content to unlock that’ll only make the book better for everyone!

There’s more. This is a little weird maybe, but at $18,500 I’ll get a big Medusa tattoo on my arm. Pretty crazy! If we get to $21,000 my WHOLE FAMILY will get Full Metal Alchemist Homunculus tattoos! That’s me, Will, Nick and Katie, all with matching tattoos. And we’ll take pictures and you can make fun of us online!

– Okay, that’s it! I’ll see you guys on the other side of this on Monday!