– Someone asked why Halloween Cat’s hat hasn’t fallen off. Its part of the balloon.

– If you like original art you might want to check out the Modest Medusa store today. I’ve had some unexpected expenses this Spring so I’ve decided to offer some original art I’ve been holding onto. This includes the original art for Modest Medusa strips 3-12, as well as some more recent pieces. So if you’re interested in the very oldest Modest Medusa strips, check out this sale. These includes the first full appearance of Modest and Marah, the first time Modest speaks, her first Chocodile and more! I’ve signed each strip and added a small character sketch along the bottom! You can see the full sale here.

– Episode 4 of the Yeld actual play podcast is now available! If you want to listen to a cool Yeld narrative for free check it out! Get it here!