On Monday the 22nd Nick and I be relaunching the Mermaid Hunters Kickstarter. Mermaid Hunters is a starter box for the Yeld RPG for 3-5 players. We’ve designed Mermaid Hunters to be a perfect introduction to Yeld, an all-ages adventure and a fun set for veteran Yeld players! You can check out the Kickstarter launch page here.

(As a special incentive all day 1 Mermaid Hunters backers will receive a special Mermaid Hunters original sketch by Jake!)

You may remember that we originally attempted this Kickstarter in late 2019. Unfortunately our goal was just too high. We’ve found some new manufacturing opportunities and set a  lower goal, and we’re excited to finally bring Mermaid Hunters into production!

Since the content for Mermaid Hunters is finished and ready to go we expect to be able to deliver this project very quickly. We’re listing June-July 2021 as our delivery date!

For those of you wondering about the next Modest Medusa Kickstarter, I’m currently planning it and hope to launch it before Summer.