– Mermaids love to smoke, and theres a reason. When The Deep created Mermaids to fight its wars against the Prince, the Prince responded with all kinds of devious tactics, including cigarettes. The Prince included cigarettes in his soldier’s rations. Mermaids were quickly hooked, and addiction was one of many reasons so many Mermaids defected and came to live in Yeld. After all, the domain of The Deep is a poor place for farming tobacco. Some of you may remember that the Prince has his own brand of “Prince” cigarettes that are sold all through Yeld, and marketed directly to Mermaids. Deb and Jenny both smoke them, and back in Season 5 when Deb said she had given up cigarettes made by evil people, thats what she was talking about. Sarensang (Pirate Bay) also makes cigarettes, and as a free city they’re the only real competitor to the Prince’s brand. They’re not actually better at all, but they’re not specifically manufactured by an evil vampire to weaponize addiction, so many Mermaids prefer them.

All of this background was developed when Truth.org commissioned me to do a series of anti-smoking Modest Medusa strips. This was years and years ago, and the project fell through before it really got started.

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