– If you’re wondering why I haven’t updated since last week, it was because I was having some site problems. But everything is fixed now. Please click back to see Monday’s page in case you missed it!

– Drunk Duck is doing an Indigogo campaign to raise money for site improvements. Here’s the link. Drunk Duck’s ownership and management has been in the hands of it’s community leaders for awhile now, and they’ve done a great job of improving the site, but they could use some help. DD is a fantastic webcomics community and a great place for new webcomics to get started. I launched Modest Medusa on Drunk Duck just over 5 years ago, and thanks to  the friendly and enthusiastic community I was able to build and audience. Drunk Duck will always be Modest Medusa’s second home. So… to help out with the Indigogo campaign I’ve offered a few special perks. Anyone who pledges $10 to the campaign will get a digital copy of my new 24 Hour Modest Medusa book. For $50 you can get a custom illustration, and a $60 pledge gets you a guest appearance in the comic (and thats a MUCH cheaper price then I usually ask for)! So please check out the campaign and give what you can! Hundreds of webcomic creators appreciate your support!

– FYI, all for of my Modest Medusa books are now available as digital comics from Drivethrucomics.com! The digital books are exactly the same as the hard cover version, complete with author’s notes and bonus comics. You can get them for just $6 each here. 

– I did some more Star Wars art! These are special stickers available to Patreon backers. If you’re interested in becoming a patron please check out my Patreon. Most of my income is coming from Patreon right now, and I really appreciate any support at all. So if you’re digging Modest Medusa or Ghost Kiss please consider becoming a patron! Here’s the link!

Star Wars Medusa