– Hey, welcome to Season 3. This is just the teaser. Or the cover. Yeah, think of this as the cover of Season 3. We’ll jump right back into the story on Weds, but until then lets talk about…

– The Modest Medusa Season2 Kickstarter! Holy crap! We’re just barely 72 hours in and we’re already past the half way point! Thanks everyone!It was really amazing to see so many of you jump on this so fast, and I really appreciate the support. I was… skeptical… about this Kickstarter. Because the Season 2 book is going to cost much  more to produce (mostly due to the two enormous gatefold pages) I’m having to ask for so much more than last time. I’m so grateful that you guys are willing to support this!

For those of you who haven’t had a chance yet there’s still plenty of time to contribute (27 days!) and plenty of great rewards. Even $5 really helps out. You can check out the Kickstarter page (complete with a brand new comic) here.

– I promised I’d show off some of the art for the Kickstarter Rewards as I finishe dthem. Here’s the illustration I did for the Season 2 t-shirt/print set.