– This comic would be a little funnier if I had kept the original Kickstarter video I did, which was just me in a Batman mask.

– Anyway, here’s the Season 3 Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter starts today and ends on Saturday March 8th. The goal is to generate enough money to print the Modest Medusa Season 3 books, plus cover shipping costs, taxes, rewards and other odds and ends. Season 3 will be a pretty big book (over 200 pages, compared to Season 2’s 148 pages) and once again I’m offering stretch gals to add more comics to the book. SO it might end up being a lot bigger than that! We’ll see!

There’s lots of great rewards available this time, including a Modest Medusa lunch box and hand crafted plush Medusa pillows made by my friend Lilineko, plus original art and the chance to appear as a character in the comic. If you’re a new reader the rewards to watch out for are the two book bundle (Season 3 plus your choice of Seasons 1 or 2) and the 3 book bundle (all three seasons). Each book will come signed with a sketch.

It’s no secret that my Season 2 Kickstarter was kind of a disaster. It took forever to get the book to press, then forever for it to arrive, then forever to get it shipped to backers. A lot of that was down t bad luck, but a lot of it was also my fault. This time I’m way more prepared. I’ve learned from my mistakes and spent the last year making plans that will help ensure that this book arrives at press as soon as possible and that once it is shipped to me I can stuff envelopes and get them to you in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, I expect everything will still go wrong, but I’m getting better at dealing with that!

Here’s something important that I need to say. I appreciate all the support you’ve all given me over the last three years. As readers, customers and fans you guys have been fantastic. Please do not feel obligated to contribute to this Kickstarter. I always appreciate your support, but I want you guys to know that support comes in a lot of forms. Whether it’s reading the comic, liking my Facebook posts, voting for MM on TWC, becoming a patron through Patreon, coming to see me at cons, following me on Deviant Art or Tumblr, buying my books or contributing to a Kickstarter, I appreciate the support. But please don’t feel obligated. please don’t feel like you have to contribute to this Kickstarter, especially if you’re already supporting MM in another way.

I’m specifically bringing all this up because I’m running this Kickstarter so recently after launching my Patreon page. My fear is that I would look like I’m just asking for money on top of money. Patreon is important because it helps me pay my bills. literally. This month’s Patreon money is going toward rent and prescriptions. Knowing that I can work on Modest Medusa and that people value my work and are willing to support it as patron is important. Kickstarter is different. It’s project based. With a Kickstarter campaign I can produce something, like an expensive hardcover book, that I’d never be able to produce otherwise, and I can offer it at an affordable price. Kickstarter helps me pay the bills as well, but in a different way. Patreon, Kickstarter and conventions are how I make my living now doing comics. So what I’m saying is that IF you want to support my work I REALLY appreciate it. There are several options. Feel free to choose one,or even two or three. Whatever you’re comfortable with. But please don’t feel obligated to choose them all!

Okay, thanks guys! Season 4 starts next week. I’ll see you then!

– Jake