– Happy Thanksgiving! Or early Thanksgiving, anyway. This s supposed to be Friday’s strip, but I’m posting it early. I’m out of town right now visiting my family, but here’s modest dressed like Scrooge McDuck. Because i’m travelling Monday’s strip will be delayed till Weds. So please check back then. Have a great weekend!

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– Okay, so if you were ever interested in joining my Patreon now is the time. A few times a year I do special full color 6×6 illustrations for my $10+ Patreon supporters. This is original pen and marker art I send to you in the mail. Patrons can choose any of my characters from Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss, the Magical Land of Yeld or even my Legend of Korra fan comic and I’ll draw them and send them to you! Here’s some of the ones I did last time!


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