– I messed up the background in the last panel. I drew it without looking at the previous strip, so it doesn’t match that strip or panel 3 of this one. I don’t think I’m going to fix it.

– NEWS! So I’m working with Shouldbee.com to make some Modest Medusa toys. We’re in the super early stages (like, we haven’t done anything at all yet) so don’t expect anything soon.  This is pretty damn exciting though! The Shouldbee guys want some feedback and info from you, and have set up this survey. Please check it out and let them know what you think. The more info you give them the sooner we can see a little toy Chainsaw Unicorn and a Charles with a detachable arm! The survey has a field where you can leave comments, so please let them know exactly what you’d like to see. Of course, you can and should comment here as well. I’ll be posting more news as it comes. My hope is that we can have some toys on hand for the upcoming convention season. I have no idea if that’s likely or not though. I guess we’ll see! Did I say I was excited? I’m pretty damn excited.