– This week kind of got away from me. It was already Weds night before I realized I hadn’t started my page for that day! I’ll be taking this coming week off to work on Ghost Kiss, prepare for ECCC and do some MM related writing. I also just need a bit of a break. Lots of crap happening right now. I’ll be posting some “Ask Medusa” instead. I’ll be back the week after that with the epic Gina vs Ekans fight and the end of Season 5.

– I’ll be at Emerald city Comic Con next weekend. Find me with Barry Deutsch at booth 1114 on the Skybridge.

– New Ghost Kiss is coming soon. I’m inking the pages now and will be coloring and lettering them over the next two weeks.

– Sakuracon was pretty great. I met a lot of great new readers, got to see lots of Seattle fans and had a great time! A very nice woman in a Magicarp hat gave me this amazing tiny little Medusa. I asked her name, but then forgot because i’m bad with names. Anyway, it’s awesome.

little medusa toy