– Some of you have been wondering why Jake even recognizes Jenny the Mermaid, if Modest ever told Jake about what happened with the Mermaids while she and Modest were in Yeld and what Jenny has been up to since then. If you’re asking any of those questions it’s because you don’t own any of the Modest Medusa books. When I first started doing the books I decided I’d put some extra stories in them to help flesh out some minor characters. I never intended these stories to be very important, but several of them have become somewhat key. The 3 books have over 75 pages of comic you’ve never seen, and the most important ones are about Jenny. You can buy the books here if you want to (for a good price too!), but if you don’t… here’s what happened.

jenny 1

At the end of Season 1 Modest’s mother (The Gorgon) used her magic to pull Jake through the toilet portal into Yeld. Jenny and her friend were laying in wait, with instructions to capture anyone who showed up. After a brief fight Jenny caught Jake in a  net, but ended up accidentally drowning him*.

jenny 2

Later on the Mermaids deliver drowned Jake to the gorgon and collect their reward. they also end up keeping the Kitchen knife that came through the toilet with Jake (the one he stabbed the Chainsaw Unicorn with), which is why it shows up at the bottom of their lake in Season 2, in the perfect spot for Marah to gouge Jenny’s eye out.

jenny 3

The reason the Mermaids are hanging out at the lake in Season 2 and trying to kidnap Modest is because they’re still under orders from her Mom to capture anyone who shows up through the portal. However, after losing her eye and having her best friend turned to stone Jenny decides to get revenge instead. She spends weeks tracking down Marah and the Pirates, and finally ambushes them in an underwater cavern as they search for a treasure that will help them rescue Jake and Medusa (the dragon spear from Season 3). Jenny tries to take revenge, but after a short fight with Marah realizes that everything that happened was actually her fault, a result of working for the Gorgon, and by extension, the Prince. Jenny decides to forgo her revenge, but warns Marah that assaulting the Prince’s castle is a suicide mission.

jenny 4

Later on we find Jenny back at the lake, sulking in the shadow of her petrified friend. She comes to the realization that it’s time to change her life.

jenny 5

*Special note! I mentioned the Mermaids actually drowned Jake. This is important because it was the first part of a major plot that I abandoned. The mermaids take the drowned Jake to the Gorgon where she talks to his spirit or ghost or subconscious (it’s not really clear). My original plan going into Season 2 was that Jake was dead, and that when the girls finally got to the castle to rescue him all they’d find was his body. This is why Jake appears underwater in the lake in Marah’s dream in Season 2, and underwater on teh cover of Season 2. The idea was that the girl’s would meet a ghost at the castle who would follow them around and try to help them, and they’d eventually realize that ghost was Jake and find a way t return him to his body just in time for a big fight with the Prince. But I eventually decided that was all too complicated, and I really wanted Marah to have the big fight with the Prince (under the premise that Jake should never be the center of teh story and that Marah was the hero). So the drowned Jake plot line was quietly swept under the rug (although if you look closely you can find a few references to it).