– Oh Jesus. Jaspar has two hands! I swear, EVERY TIME I draw him I forget that he has a hook and I have to go back and redraw his left hand. This time I actually made it all the way through drawing, coloring and lettering the page before I noticed. And worse, he’s USING his hand all through the page! UGH!  So I’ve decided that I’m going to leave it as is for now. I may fix it in the future. Possibly he’s just drunk enough that he’s imagining that he has two hands again.

– Speaking of pirates… here’s this months Modest Medusa shirt, featuring the whole Pirates of Yeld crew! The shirt will be available until early July. You can get in multiple colors in women and men’s styles up to size 5xl. Just $20! Order here.

Pirates shirtil_570xN.1040023311_rphc

– Some bad news. As part of my recent computer problems I ended up losing a lot of files. Thankfully I keep all my work backed up, but I only realized today that I’ve lost the document where I keep all your questions for “Ask Medusa”. And that was like 200 unanswered questions! So if you have any new questions (or previous ones that haven’t been answered), please ask!