– That’s the guard that Carlos pushed off the wall way back in “Burn the Kingdom” part 7!

– I’ll be at the Puyallup Festival of Books Mini-Comic Con this Saturday at the Puyallup Public Library. Should be fun! I’ll be doing a panel on web comics and self publishing at 1:30 pm. Stop by!

– Rose City Comic Con was lots of fun. It was great to meet a few of you that I hadn’t met before. here’s a picture of the booth I shared with Jaymz, and another picture of me and a guy who looks like my friend Barry Deutsch, but dressed as Lobo!


2013-09-22-175751– You see that Atarashi High School banner? The one to the left that’s been there forever?  If you click it you’ll go to my other site, where you can find out about the other thing I do, which is make role playing games. My most popular game is called Panty Explosion Perfect. It’s about school girls who blow up people’s heads with psychic powers and have hard lives. The game’s name is sometimes a source of contention, so my co-designer Matt Schlotte and I decided to release an extra version of the game with a brand new name, and we’re having a contest to choose that name. If you’re interested in finding out more (or just want a chance to win some of my art), check out the Atarashi High School site!