Modest joins Miles and Gwen for a swing across New York. But she doesn’t have spider powers! And they DON’T KNOW she doesn’t have spider powers! And she’s too shy to tell them!

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So two weeks ago I announced I was going on vacation because I needed a chance to destress, relax and just take a break. My plan was to return to work with a new strip this coming Monday. But…

Honestly, I’m still exhausted and super stressed. Over the last two weeks I’ve been constantly busy and I’ve only managed to take about a day and a half off. My vacation has been anything BUT a vacation, and that’s made it all even more stressful.

So I’ve decided I’m going to stay on vacation for another week, or maybe two. I’ll be back around the end of the month, but until then I’m going to try my best to actually relax and recuperate. I really need that heading into the new season and the rest of the year.

Thanks for your patience! I’ll see you in a week or two.

– Jake