So first, no new strip today? And no strip last Friday? Sorry about that. What you get today has actually been planned for awhile, but this is  a bit of a long story.

You’ve certainly had days where it seems like the entire universe is conspiring against you, right? For me it started out slow enough that I didn’t even notice. Some problems with my shipping software and a bank issue on Thursday. My mother was also  hospitalized on Thursday night (she’s fine now). Friday brought more problems with my bank, Some problems with packages that were sent off weeks ago(“what do you mean, they never arrived?”) and, late in the evening… all of the sudden my computer just stopped working. It just stopped. On Saturday we discovered that our ride was sick and that we couldn’t make it to Chibbi Chibbi Con.  I decided to bring my lap top to the studio instead and try to get some work done… but my wacom pad almost crashed my laptop, and in the process of fixing it I accidentally pull my external storage hard drive off the shelf and bash it onto the concrete floor. It was around this time that someone sent me an email to let me know that my online store was down. I spent about 5 hours trying to fix that problem before giving up and deciding to go home for the evening. as the bus arrived I realized I didn’t have any fare. I decided to walk home instead. It started raining.

So… yeah.

Sunday was better. My household does a gift exchange about once a year, and this year it was on Sunday.  I had decided late last year that I’d do drawings of Medusa and myself with my friends, doing things we often do. I sketched most of these images about a month ago, but didn’t get around to inking and coloring them till this week. I thought you guys would enjoy seeings of our other friends and housemates.

Store: As I mentioned, my store is currently messed up. I’m working on fixing it, but if you;d like to order a copy of Modest Medusa Season 1 please just send me an email and we’ll work out the details.