– A day late. Sorry about that!

– So I have this new t-shirt. Medusa, Groot and Rocket, together for the first time! It’ll only be available until the end of August, after that it’s gone. It’s available in all the Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s style, all the usual sizes and a bunch of different colors. $20.00. You can buy it here!

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– It’s Final Fantasy Medusa! I’ve been a huge Final Fantasy fan since I was a kid. the series has had a huge and obvious influence on everything I’ve done as an artist. This month is the 1 year anniversary of Final Fantasy 14, the 2nd FF MMO. I never have any time to play (seriously never. I’m barely level 30) but I’ve had a subscription to the game since it launched… 3 years ago? And yes, this is the one year anniversary of a game that came out over three years ago. FF14 has a confusing history! Anyway, there’s a cool site where artists involved with the project are posting anniversary art. you can check it out here.

FF14 Medusa

This is the art for August’s Medusa sticker of the month! Each month Medusa Patron’s who pledge $25 or more receive a pack of stickers in the mail. If you’re interested in supporting my work on Modest Medusa through Patreon here’s the link.

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