– So it looks like the Kickstarter will be launching early next week.  I’m still trying to come up with some cool rewards and incentives to offer this time. Some of the stuff we did last time… well, it didn’t work out so well or ended up costing a lot more than it brought in. So I thought I’d share some of my ideas this time and you could all tell me what you think. Keep in mind, the goal here is to generate as much money as possible. This isn’t a complete list, of course.

Reward ideas:

– Mini print set. 3 new 8 x 5 color prints featuring brand new art. These are small enough to ship with the book but large enough to display.

– Season 2 Print + shirt. Last time the Season 1 print was a big hit. I ended up offering a shirt with the same image to people who contributed enough to get Chocodiles, but didn’t want them (usually for dietary reasons). This time i’d like to offer the shirt and the print together to anyone that wants it! the Season 2 print/shirt image is similar to Season 1, but a bit more badass. I think you’ll dig it.

– I thought it would be cool to offer custom user avatars. So I’d draw you (either the real you, or the you you want people to see) as a 6 x 6 illustration. You’d get the original art, plus digital versions that you could use as forum avatars, Facebook and Google+ Id’s or whatever LiveJournal user pics. Is Live Journal still around?

– I plan on offering some original art from Season 2.

– Write a strip! Is this a cool idea? You write a strip, I’ll draw it?

– A custom, hand drawn dust jacket for the Season 2 book. Really what this would be is a 6 x 25 inch  piece of original, hand drawn and colored art. You could use it as a dust jacket or frame it or whatever.

So those are some of the new reward ideas. Here’s some of the stretch goals:

– More bonus comics. Just like last time, I’ll do 3 pages of extra comics for every $1000 we go over our goal. These comics will feature Jake (what’s he been up to?), Medus and Urano (from their adventures when Marah was passed out from the Ghost attack), the Snakes… who else? Who do you guys want to see in a comic?

– Medusa papercraft doll. My friend Tyler Tinsley has offered to produce a Medusa papercraft doll. Everyone will get one of these if we raise X amount of money.

– Pirate comics by Patrick Devine. Did you like the Pirate comic Patrick did the other day? We’ll get him to do a whole bunch more for the book if we raise X amount of money!

– A big bonus story. For the Season 1 book I did a big 10 page comic called Ghost Story, featuring the Ghost and Jake. For Season 2 I plan on doing a similar 10 page comic featuring another important character. If we raise enough money I’ll do an extra bonus 10 page comic as well. So that will be like 20 pages of extra comics!

So those are my ideas. What do you guys think?


Also, I’ll be at Wonder NW in portland this weekend. Stop by and say hi!