– He never really lied to her, but that’s not how she remembers it.

– When I’m not making Modest Medusa I’m making role playing games. You knew that, right? A few years ago I made a survival/mystery game called Ocean. It’s a single session rpg with a focus on shared narration and creative story telling. It’s about a bunch of people who can’t remember who they are trapped in an underwater research station. With a monster. Anyway… there’s this thing called the Bundle of Holding. It’s a special offer that comes around every month or so where a bunch of cool digital products are bundled together and offered at a “pay what you will” price. This month’s bundle theme is horror (it’s called the “Bundle of Nerves“) and Ocean is one of 10 different rpgs included in it (along with dread, Murderous Ghosts and a bunch of other stuff). It’s a great deal, and if you’re looking for some new games to try it’s totally worth your time! The deal ends tonight, so check it out!