In case you missed it, Ben Lehman posted the next page of our new weekly web comic Animal Crime. It’s written by Ben and drawn by me, and you can read it every Tuesday here.

Also, check out the new art by Koku-Chan in the Modest Medusa tumblr!

Book news: The last of the prints are going in the mail tomorrow, so you should have them soon. that just leaves the people who I still don’t have contact info for. If you’re on this list it means that I have your book but don’t have a mailing address for you. Contact me and let me know how to get it to you.

Peter Delcoro, Rodney Rogers, Debug Mode, Theo, Robert Lucien Howe, Tomothy Kinee.

If you’re on that list please contact me, whether you’ve gotten your book or not. If you haven’t received your book yet and you’re on that list, go ahead and contact me so we can figure out what’s going on. Thanks everyone!

Con news: I’ll be at Chibi Chibi Con in Olympia Washington  on March 3rd. I’ll be hostinga  webcomic panel, running a few role playing games and selling books, prints and whatnot at my booth. Stop by and say hi!