– Last week’s site problems see to be fixed. Big thanks to the Modest Medusa Discord community for helping out!

– I had imagined the Hand of Autumn’s sci-fi tunneler would look like the drill tank thing from Ninja Turtles, but when I googled it I realized it looked pretty silly. S I came up with this instead, which is like the exact same thing, but fits more with the established aesthetic of the Tower of Autumn (that appeared for exactly one illustration in the Yeld RPG book). Anyway, it was fun to draw.

Speaking of fun to draw…

– Here’s a new Halloween Medusa!


I’m super exited to announce that next Weds (Oct 16th) we’ll be launching a  Kickstarter for a set of Modest Medusa miniatures!

I’ll have more info for you on Monday, but I wanted to give you a heads up today!

– Jake