– Sorry this one is late. I’m still sick and it’s causing all kinds of problems. I keep thinking I’m better, only to later realize that I’m not better at all, I just had a fever and THOUGHT I was better. I’m trying hard to recover, but each day is awful in it’s own way. Today I’m coughing non-stop and sneezing up red and yellow snot clots. Anyway, this strip was colored by Red Marlin. We should have new strips all next week.

– My friend Jaymz Bernard has launched the Kickstarter for the first collection of her sci-fi comic Devil Spy. You may know Jaymz as a regular contributor to Combine, or from Willem or Split Screen. Devil Spy is pretty fantastic and I urge you to check it out.She’s about 1/4 of the way funded, with most of a month to go. If you like sci-fi comics or want to support comics by women, please check out this project! Here’s the link.