– It’s not too early to start talking about Artist Alley Comics Fest.  It’s in early August right here in SE Portland. It’s in an alley. It focuses on  small press, indie and webcomics. It should be great! If you’re in town on August 2nd please check it out. If you make comics and want a table check out this link for more info!

– So here’s a link to a short video on Animal Planet. I’d like you to watch it for a few reasons. First, it has monsters, and that’s cool. Second it’s a pilot for a show made and filmed here in Oregon, and honestly we could use all the money and jobs we can get right now. Our economy is awful! Third, it’s made by a friend of a friend, and if it gets picked up as a show a bunch of people I know and like will benefit from it. So please check it out if you have 12 minutes and like monsters!

– I’m working on a new Asami Loves Korra comic, which I’m hoping will be done later this week or next week. It’s a big one! After that I’ll be starting on the next Ghost Kiss comic. I’m also working hard with my brother to finally finish up the text for the Yeld role playing game. So I’m pretty busy right now, just in case you were wondering!

– If you’re enjoying Modest Medusa (or any of my other projects) please consider becoming a patron by contributing to my Patreon. Patreon helps me make a living by creating comics, and the more money my Patreon generates the more time I can spend working on comics instead of doing random freelance work and commissions just to make ends meet. You can check out my Patreon page here!

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