– Welcome to season 6! After nearly a two month break it’s time to get back to the main story! Thanks for being so patient. I’ve spent the last two months preparing for this story, but also preparing to reveal a very large project that I’ve been working on for several years. And here it is:


Finally, after years of work my brother Nick and I are launching the Kickstarter for our new table top rpg, The Magical Land of Yeld. Yeld is a full role playing game system (like Dungeons & Drangons, but… better) set in the world of Modest Medusa. Or rather, since my comic was directly inspired by the work we were doing on the game, Modest Medusa is really set in the world of this game! Anyway, I’m super excited about this. As many of you know, I spent years writing, designing and doing art for role playing games before I started making comics, and Yeld had been a dream project for both Nick and I for over 5 years. I’m so excited that we’ll have a chance to bring this game to life!

Our game is a bout a bunch of kids from our world who find a secret door that leads to a magical land. Their first journey’s through this door are bright and fun, as they meet strange creatures and get into all sorts of trouble. But one day coming home from their latest adventure the kids discover that the secret door is shut and locked, and they realize that they’re trapped in Yeld forever! The kids learn that if they ever want to escape they’ll have to seek out seven hidden keys, guarded by the dreaded Hunters of Yeld. To challenge the Hunters the kids will need to take on Heroic Jobs, like Oathbreaker, Soul Thief and Witch. If they can defeat each Hunter and win their key they may have a chance to unlock the door home. But they’ll have to do it fast. If any of the kids turn 13 while still in Yeld they’ll become monsters, and they’ll be trapped in the magical land forever!

Yeld is an all ages RPG designed from the ground up for fun, cooperative adventures. If you like role playing games I think you’ll dig it. If you’re not into gaming, I think you’ll still want to check it out. We’re producing a really nice 180+ page full color art book style product loaded with illustrations and comics. There’s so much about Yeld I’ve been wanting to show you all, and this is where it’s going to happen. The book is filled with neat stuff that you’ve only seen glimpses of in Modest Medusa so far. Learn how the Prince came to power. Learn the history of Fairies,  Toothfacers, and Pirates.  Lots of new info on characters we’ve seen in the comic, like Vargas, Kerrigor, Urano and the Knight of Chains. Learn about Drudge Angels, Oathbreakers, Escape Goats, Tunnel Mummies,  Scuba Snakes, Serpent Oracles and so much more. So much cool stuff. Guys! I’m so excited!

The Kickstarter launches this Friday. I hope you’ll consider checking it out!