– I’m still catching up, so here’s a guest strip by my friend The Gorgonist (who does the awesome webcomic Ushala at World’s End). Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be back with new strips on Friday.

– More thoughts on Patreon (If you missed the discussion then click back to this strip). I had asked if you guys would be more interested in contributing by the page (every time I post a page you’d pledge to give me $X) or by the month (at the end of every month where I posted at least a certain amount of comics you’d pledge to give me $X). The responses were pretty divided. What I’ve learned since is that Patreon allows users to put a monthly cap on what they give each creator. So for example, if I chose to do “by the page”, you could sign up to give me 25 cents for each page, with a monthly cap of $2. That means that if I got busy and did 20 pages in a month you’d still only give $2 (or whatever amount you choose). Plus, no matter how many times you give during a month you’ll only be billed once at the end of the month.S o since being able to set a cap on what you give and just being billed once is very similar to the “by the month” option, I’m wondering if this changes any opinions. What do you guys think?

I recently pledged to give Matt Bogart a few bucks for every month of comics he does. Matt’s a friend, but I’m also a huge fan of his work.  I can’t afford to do much, but I chose to give a few bucks a month because I think what Matt creates is worth supporting, and I know that the more support he gets the more he’ll be able to produce.