– A few months ago I asked Rick if he’d do a guest strip for me. He came back with this amazing graphic monstrosity and I’ve been waiting for a good time to show it off. Usually when I ask for a guest strip I get something cute, but Rick went nuts with a dark, desolate future where Toothfacer is the last monster standing. Don’t remember Toothfacer? He appeared just once, waaaaay back in this strip!

You can see Rick’s portfolio here, but also check out his work on The Words and other comics at Floating Dock Comics! He’s also working on a steam punk comic right now that looks pretty sweet. Oh, and of course Rick was the artist of the excellent rpg Motobushido! Thanks Rick!

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– I’ll be at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con this year. It’s still a  ways away, but since people are asking I thought I’d confirm.  I’m also planning on attending Sakuracon and Fanime.