– Here’s the final part of Neal Byles guest comic story. Neal did nearly a half month of Medusa strips for me, allowing me to take some much needed time off. Thanks so much man! I really appreciate it. Please make sure to check out Neal’s great comic With The Band!

– This is a bit short notice, but the Modest Medusa Season 3 release party will be happening this coming Saturday the 3rd from 6-9pm at the Spritely Bean comic cafe here in Portland. If you plan on being in town please come by! This will be the first time I’ll have Season 3 books for sale.



– December’s Patreon sticker of the month is inspired by Legend of Korra. I know I’ve already done a Medusa as Korra sticker, so here’s Medusa as Jinora, Tenzin’s oldest daughter!

Airbender Medusa


– I know some of you are getting… weary… of all my Korra fan art. Not all of you share my enthusiasm for the series. Fine.I hear you. I’ve been posting my Korra fan art over on Deviant Art and tumblr, so if you’re interested in seeing more please follow me there!