– I’m sorry about the filler. This week ha s been a disaster. between trying to finish off the new Ghost Kiss episode, preparing for Kumoricon, recovering from Retro Gaming Expo and being sick Modest Medusa took a real hit. Luckily my major shows are over for the year and the next few weeks should be pretty peaceful. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better by Monday.

In the meantime here’s Switchdusa, based on Nintendo’s recently announced console.

– Speaking of Ghost kiss, about half the new chapter is posted. You can read it here. I still need to color the last two pages and letter the rest of it, but hopefully you’ll be able to read the whole chapter in a few days.

– Also, please consider subscribing to Combine. Combine is my science fiction comic magazine, where new episodes of Ghost Kiss appear. The new issue is launching this weekend (or whenerv I have time to finish it up. Soon!)  You can subscribe here. Please do. I think you’ll dig it!

Combine covers