– Hey everyone. Today my friend Jaymz is providing us with a filler comic, both so I can work on something else (more Ghost Kiss. For real!) and so she can promote the Kickstarter for her comic Willem. Jaymz has helped me out with several filler strips in the past, most especially while I was recovering at the beginning of last year. I enjoy her comics a lot and I think you will too. Please check her Kickstarter! Okay, here’s Jaymz:

Hello everyone! My name is Jaymz and I’m currently running a Kickstarter to make a book of my long running comic series Willem. I want so badly to make this book a reality but I need everyone’s help to do it! Willem the robot wants to be a superhero, but the Hero Academy doesn’t allow robots! So he flies to the moon to find a long lost superhero named Moonshadow in the hopes of becoming his sidekick, but the same day, all of the heroes at the Hero Academy mysteriously disappear! Now it’s up to Willem and his friends; Lady Marmalade, Wallflower, Lightspeed Lad, Moonshadow and his robot cat RAGS to find the missing heroes. If you love blue haired robots and cute robot cats then this is the series for you!

Willem has been a long running project of mine and I really need to get the book out into the world. This will be my second graphic novel, the first was my romance series Split Screen which is now finished. I need another book to bring to conventions and I’m so hoping you can help me make that happen!

The book will be 150+ pages long and full color. I’m cleaning up the old pages to make them more uniform with the newer ones, I’m adding 8 chapter title pages with brand new art, there will be sketches, fun facts and Q&A in the back of the book! Each book will come with a bookplate and signature and a set of 5 Willem stickers. I’m also offering great rewards like book sketches, prints, tee shirts and a plush RAGS! Please check out the campaign, back the project and spread the word! Thank you so much! I so hope this project gets funded and I need everyone’s help to make it happen!

Check out the Willem kickstarter here!

The Artist Alley Comics Fest is happening this Sunday in Portland. I’ll be there selling art, Modest Medusa stuff and this brand new thing…