I worked at a game store for years (the kind that sells Pokemon cards and board games) and we always had some customers who were nightmares. If you’ve worked retail you know what I mean, and if you’ve worked retail at a kid focused store you know even more. It wasn’t the kid’s fault. Kids are just kids, and especially when you give them an environment like a game or toy store that’s full of stuff they like they are of course going to be excited and enthusiastic. So excited that they puke or pee all over everything. So excited that they run around screaming. So excited that they stuff everything they can into their pants. You can’t blame the kids for that, but as an employee it can be a LOT to deal with. Especially when parents will often dump their kids (sometimes as young as 4 or 5) in you store for hours at a time while they’re off doing who knows what.

You can’t blame the kids, but you can complain about them a LOT later on when they’re not around.