– Here’s reader Sam Garamy!

– Lots of new art today from the Patreon. Here’s Medusa and her sisters (and Marah!) as the cast of Orange is the new Black. I actually drew this back when the 2nd season came out, but I hadn’t had a chance to color this. it was fun to draw the girls as inmates! This was done as a wallpaper for Patreon backers.

Orange is the new Medusa

– More art!Β After “When are they coming back?” and “How do they smoke underwater?”, the question I get asked most about the mermaids is “What do they smoke?” Actually, “Why are their boobs so big?” is another one. Anyway, here’s the answer. This is art for the postcard that some Patreon backers get.

Mermaid smokes

– Modest Medusa Patreon month is drawing to a close. We haven’t made it to our $800 goal, but we have made it to $678, and that’s amazing! Thanks so much everyone We’ll make it to $800 eventually, and when we do we’ll unlock the regular “Ask Medusa” feature, which I think will be really cool. Your Patreon money is helping me pay the bills, allowing me to do more art like the two illustrations above and making doing this comic for a living a more viable thing. Thanks so much!

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