– Happy Valentine’s Day!

– The Kickstarter is so close to being funded! We’re at 85%, with less than $2000 to go. I’m hoping we can make it to our goal by the end of the day. There’s still two guest appearance spots open, plus lots of other great rewards like Medusa lunch boxes and plush pillows, posters, original art and more. Please check out the Kickstarter page!

– Jaymz just launched a kickstarter for the graphic novel collection of her romance webcomic Split Screen. Oh by the way, Split Screen ended yesterday, so you can read the whole thing online right now for free! You’ll remember Jaymz all the  guest Medusa strips and art she did this past year. Anyway, her comic is great and she could totally use your support. Please check out her Kickstarter page! Oh, and since Split Screen is now ending lets try to get it in the Top Webcomics top 100 by the end of the month! Vote here. It only takes a few seconds. Split Screen was at 500 and something yesterday and now is closing in on 400! We can do this!